Only by dealing…

Only by dealing with difficulty does creativity come forth.
Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry
The Universe Story

I start each day with an encouraging “Word of the Day” from, a great website with encouraging and uplifting messages.  I was feeling a little discouraged last night when I discovered how many Civil War blogs there are and what a huge topic it is.  So this “word of the day” was particularly appropriate for me this morning.  I’ve been exploring my creativity lately and for me it is a difficult process.

It might have started when my father told me that the trees in my picture looked like green lollipops. They did but you still shouldn’t say that when your 5 year-old daughter brings you a picture.

I ended up being a lawyer and thought that would be a safe, non-creative career choice. Imagine my surprise when the only negative comment during my first performance review was that I needed to be more creative! I didn’t know lawyers were supposed to be creative. I was much more comfortable making sure the citations were in proper format and “enjoyed” (?) spending many a long night proofreading corporate bylaws and IPO prospectuses.

Well those days are long behind me now and as I get older, defining and finding my creative voice becomes much more important to me. You’re never too old to connect to your true self. For me it actually gets easier the older I get – still difficult – but much easier.


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