Sunday Nights

This is my “go-to” blog when I haven’t quite finished all I need to in the way of research and writing for my Civil War blog and my “Finding Family” blog about finding my husband’s Italian ancestors.

Sunday nights used to be my most energized – “get lots of work done before the week begins” – kind of nights. Tonight though I’m feeling somewhat disappointed that the weekend is over and I really didn’t get to do what I wanted to in the way of blog entries. Rick and I did have a fun dinner with our daugher Sarah and filled her in on our adventure last weekend at the VA festival of the Book in Charlottesville. We also shared our recent discoveries/photos of Rick’s father – Frederick William George – the first-born son of Custode Iacobucci Giorgio and Adriano Giorgio born in November 1899 in Blairsville PA. Sarah is an amazingly patient listener and very indulgent of her parents’ idiocyncrises – what more could we ask for?

I began the weekend with a sleepover/lock-in for my Brownie troop. Sarah was a Brownie before we left CA and then was a girl scout in NC for all of middle school and high school but I never really felt like I was her troop leader. I did a few things to help and that was when I got interested in the training that Girl Scouts provide for their leaders.

When my friend Palmer asked if I wanted to help with her youngest daughter’s troop – especially in getting all the necessary training so the girls could go camping etc. I was eager for the chance. It is important to me that I can be part of young girls learning to appreciate nature and enjoy camping. Our plan is to take the girls camping in late May but we wanted to make sure they were ready to be away from home so we scheduled the sleepover.

I must say the girls did much better than I expected. There were no middle of the night traumas and everyone was pretty much asleep by 11 – except of course – for me. I have trouble sleeping when there is light or noise so it was a bit hard for me to fall asleep in a big room with night lights and a light shining from the church kitchen in the distance. Not to mention the creepy noises that downtown churches make in the middle of the night.

Anyhow – it all went quite well and I was glad to have a couple of naps yesterday before I had to go to work for my second weekend event – a farmer appreciation dinner in Randolph County. I have a pretty amazing job that allows me to do a lot of interesting things – some of which happen to fall on the weekend.

Anyway – my personal committment for the upcoming week – which sees the end of my LEAST favorite month MARCH and the beginning of my MOST favorite month – APRIL – is to stop blogging by 7 am; get to work no later than 9 am; to work at work and to identify and accomplish at least 3 tasks each day that are unrelated to blogging or work. Blogging could really take over my life if I let it – but there are definitely other matters that need my attention.

So as the clock approaches midnight I shall get the sheets out of the dryer – make the bed and call it a day. I love clean sheets – don’t you? Especially on Sunday night.


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