Second and Third Grade Memories

Well since I’m playing catch up (it is April 16th and I’m doing all the writing prompts so far this year) I am getting a bit tired of back to back school day stories. I agree that second and third grade tend to blur together.  The main difference, my second grade teacher was short, fat and not very pretty – Miss Kidd; my third grade teacher – Mrs. Prunty – was model gorgeous – dark hair – perfectly coiffed and very nice dresses.  She also left mid-year to have a baby.

I do recall second grade being the time I had my first crush on a boy named David Jones.  All the girls like David and I have no recollection of whether or not any of those feelings were reciprocated but later in sixth grade – David was the first boy I ever held hands with.

A more traumatic second grade memory was of coming in from recess into a dark classroom and having a boy named Michael jump out from behind the door and kiss me.  That’s pretty creeping and seems totally inappropriate for second grade but that’s what I remember.  Other than the surprise kiss – the only think I remember about Michael is that he licked his upper lip so it was always chapped and red – ewww!!!

In third grade I do remember that my Grandfather Kingsbury came to our class and talked about Thailand.  He had spent a number of years there in the late 1950s and again in the early 1960s.  I remember feeling very special that my grandfather was in my classroom.


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