Now I’ve Done It!

Yup – started another blog. Just seemed like the right thing to do since I am struggling with where to post family history that isn’t about the Civil War or finding Italian relatives. So now The Family Letter Blog, inspired by the Kingsbury Family letter, has been added to my writing forums.

Since this is my own page with access limited to those special people who I trust with my internal wrestlings, doubts and fears, it seems like a good place to post my plan for some semblance of order in the New Year.

I hate resolutions but something about a new year starting makes me want to change something about myself for the better. One of the major things I struggle with in my life is accomplishing the things I want/need to do. This applies in both a big picture and small picture way.  So using the new year of 2015 as a theme – I will start each day with a list of 15 things I want to accomplish that day and at the end of the day I will evaluate whether or not I accomplished those things.  If things are going well I might bump it up to 20 on July 1 but for starters 15 seems daunting enough. So here we go. . .

Here’s my list for today:

Dec 31, 2014
1. Make meatball sauce for S&W
2. Rake leaves and/or walk for exercise
3. 30 minute house cleaning w/Rick
4. Read Emma
5. Plan next 5 days
6. Write
7.Spend at least 1 hour sorting stuff at foot of bed
8. Return items to Steinmart and Belk
9. Open mail
10. Watch About Time
11. Call Terry
12. Call Ardra
13. Call Mom
14. Create cover photo for The Family History Blog and make first   post
15. Ring in the New Year with Rick and Champagne

Well, since it is 1:30  pm and I’ve been up since 8:15 I am happy to report that I’ve accomplished 1thing on my list (#6) but am about to go tackle # 1 and #9.

Happy New Year.


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