A New Year and Time Off

I’m starting 2015 with four days away from work (six actually if you count the last two of December 2014) and am trying to accomplish a few things around the house and enjoy time for reading and writing.

My mother reminded me yesterday that my grandmother used to say that whatever you do on the first day of the year you’ll do for the rest of the year.  If that’s true I’ll spend a lot of time in 2015 at the laundromat, grocery store, cooking dinner and cleaning up afterwards, taking bubble baths and writing. Could be worse.

I did manage to cook a traditional New Year’s Day meal, even though the collard greens (for wealth) and black eyed peas (for luck) were out of a can. I’m not sure what the sweet potato, cornbread and pork chops symbolize but it was a yummy dinner.

So now I’m off to make a few returns and find a calendar for the kitchen and Rick’s desk at school. Not looking forward to tomorrow’s predicted rain but at least it will be a good excuse to stay indoors and de-decorate.



3 thoughts on “A New Year and Time Off

    1. Thanks for your comment – it was a good dinner. I just took a look at your blog/website and it was amazing. I am a huge Willie Nelson fan but have never heard “Showers of Blessings”
      I am so impressed by your many blogging talents – ahhh… maybe some day I’ll get there too. Kalen

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