Blogging 101 – Adding Photos

I am struggling to find time to complete all of the assignments for Blogging 101 but learning how to add photos is something I really want to do. This is one of the assignments from the first week of January but I’m playing catch up. So I’ll combine the assignment of imbedding a photo with today’s assignment of responding to the daily prompt  – what energizes and rejuvenates me?

I’m lucky enough to work for a conservation group so there are some pretty amazing places that I get to visit as part of my job. I don’t get out of the office as much as I’d like to but when I’m feeling particularly in need of a boost – a visit to a local farm, a hike on the nature preserve we opened in 2013 or just a chance to get home while it’s still light and spend time in my own yard – all of these help revive me.


In addition to enjoying the restorative power of nature, I’m lucky enough to have a new hobby – genealogy. That’s actually why I started my first two blogs last year – one to capture the stories of my ancestors who fought in the American Civil War and the other to detail the discoveries my husband and I were making as we researched his Italian ancestors –

I get excited when I discover a new lead or find a connection on other family trees on but I am especially energized when one of our new-found relatives sends me pictures of our Italian ancestors. That ‘s what happened this morning thanks to our cousin Irene who sent a wedding picture of her parents’ 1915 wedding. Whoa – just made the connection! That was 100 years ago!

So tonight whether or not it is an assignment for blogging 101 – I’ll add a post to Trovando and upload the latest discovery that provided today’s jolt of energy to renew my search for more details on the illusive Iacobucci’s (my husband’s great grandmother’s maiden name) and I’ll add a link to that post on this site.


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