52 Ancestor Challenge – Week 2 Joseph Kingsbury (1600 – 1676)

I’ve decided to provide links to my other blogs on this page – All Things Kalen – partly to remind myself which of my blogs I’ve posted on for various “challenges” – but also to have one site that tracks all of my blogging activity. As much as I’d love to post on all four blogs every day – that is not realistic.

So here’s a link to my post on The Family Letter Blog – in response to Week 2 of the 52 Ancestors Challenge about my first Kingsbury ancestor to come from England to America in the 1600s. He eventually settled in Dedham, Massachusetts where he and wife Millicent raised a family of three girls and four boys.

Great Migration Map.1.22.15https://thefamilyletterblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/52-ancestors-in-52-weeks-joseph-kingsbury-too-much-addicted-to-the-world/


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