Cardinals’ Winter Home

Embed from Getty ImagesA pair of cardinals seem to have made their winter home in the bush outside my window. I’m working on my laptop at the desk by the window and enjoying their occasional appearances.  A rustle and movement and she pops her head out of the bush to my left. More movement, brighter color and he pops up on the right near the porch. They’re probably wondering why I haven’t put any food out recently.

A winter rain is falling and I’m glad it has transitioned from sleet to rain. Looks like the weather forecaster got it right today which is good since my 81-year old mother is driving from Richmond to Greensboro for a visit. I should mention that my 81-year old mother loves driving and can still go long distances without stopping – a trait I did not inherit.  I like to go places, but I don’t  like to drive. It bores me.

We just had almost a week of temps in the 50s so I can’t really complain about the 30s today.  I don’t want to jinx it but after a cold November the predicted “hard winter” has yet to materialize. Snowfall.2011Fine with me – although I would like at least one good snow.  The kind that begins on a Thursday evening just after I get home from work and continues into the next morning so there’s no question I have to stay home. Yes please – but just one.


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