Blogging 101 – Day 1 – Who I Am and Why I’m Here

This is the blog I use for fine-tuning my writing skills and participating in blogosphere courses like Blogging 101; Writing 101; 52 Ancestors in 52 Days; NaPoWrMo entries (aren’t we all poets at some level) and getting over my deeply ingrained perfectionist tendencies – or at least – trying to get over them.

Somewhere in the ancient mists of time, before I went to law school and learned how to “think like a lawyer” I was a pretty good writer. I have a creative part of my being that longs to be set free but is also very afraid (of just what I’m not sure.) That’s really what this blog is all about – releasing that “still, small voice”- MY voice.

Who cares – and why on a public blog instead of a private journal? That’s a good question and for a long time that question has stifled my blogging. It is relatively easy for me to write informative pieces that lay out a bunch of facts – family history gleaned from objective sources like census records, death certificates and city directories (I hear you YAWNING) but I really do like to write that stuff. I am fascinated by discoveries about my ancestors and I am committed to capturing family stories that will be lost forever when the people who lived them are gone.

But this particular blog – All Things Kalen – is about something different than that, although I’m sure it will come up from time to time. This blog is about connecting with my authentic self. I think that phrase can be overused and people aren’t quite sure what it means. And why in the world would I put that on a blog for the world to see – and really, who cares? But here’s what I’ve discovered over the past year of blogging: there’s an incredibly supportive community of other bloggers who are interested and interesting – and what better place to be the real me than on – All Things Kalen.

I have no political aspirations so I doubt there’s anything I could write that can be used against me in the future. And although I’m quite happy with my life it’s certainly not the stuff reality TV shows are made of (thank goodness!) It might actually be a tad bit boring to most people so if you’re still yawning, the good news is there’s another blog that will be just what you’re looking for. But if you’re the least bit curious about the life of an almost 60-something empty-nester testing her wings – while trying to master the technical aspects of creating a blog – you’ve come to the right place.


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