Blogging 101 – Day 2 – Title and Tag Lines

When I started my first WordPress blog, I chose my initials and last name as my address because they were available and I didn’t want to take a chance of someone else snatching them up in the future. No doubt there are other people with the same initials and last name so it made sense to secure them as my own (at least as far as WordPress goes.)

Since I don’t want to change the title or tag line of my blog, I’ll use today’s assignment to elaborate on what they mean.

“All Things” pretty much clues you in to the idea that this is not a fashion blog, a recipe blog, a parenting blog or any other single topic blog. “Kalen”, much to my mother’s chagrin, who named me Kathleen Ann and calls me Kathy, is really who I am.

I gave myself that name when I began my first job after college and there were four other people with variations of Cathy, Kathy or Cathie working in my immediate area. I moved from Durham, North Carolina to Baltimore, Maryland where I didn’t know anyone so it seemed like a good time for the switch. Kathy sounded too young, Kathleen sounded too old and Kalen, just like baby bear’s porridge, sounded just right. It still does – I love my name and for the past 37 years it’s the only one most people (except my mother) use.

In case you’re wondering – it’s Kathleen without the “the” and it’s pronounced with a long “a.” It is somewhat androgynous, which I like, but to me the most important attribute is that it’s a unique name that suits my personality – casual, friendly and fun. When I was younger I thought I might start using Kathleen when I got older but now that I’m older, I don’t see that happening.

As for my tag line – “Gathering Stories” – that’s pretty much what I do on this blog when I’m not responding to a prompt or completing Blogging 101 assignments. My spare time obsession over the past two and a half years has been learning about my ancestors, especially the ones whose “stories” have never been told. So that’s pretty much what you’ll find here. I take the facts I gather from objective sources, add a little of my own speculation and tell the stories of my ancestors’ lives.


3 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Day 2 – Title and Tag Lines

    1. Kathy is absolutely fine – especially for everyone who knows me as that. Do you prefer Peg or Peggy? (I’m pretty sure you don’t use Peggy Ann anymore😉)


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