Blogging 101- Day 4 – Dream Readers

So who are my dream readers? My yet undiscovered relatives are an obvious choice. These are the people with whom I share a common ancestor and they’ll find me through this blog. One day a person I’ve never met before will leave a comment – “Hi– I think we may be related.” They’ll realize this because of a story about an ancestor we have in common that I’ve “gathered” and shared on one of my blogs.

When we finally meet – this mystery cousin will have pictures of our common ancestors or stories passed down that will provide more fuel to my writing fire. Perhaps they will know why Hannah Brown and Joseph Biscoe Kingsbury left Vermont to settle first in Illinois and then in Iowa to form the midwest Kingsbury family that my paternal grandfather Joseph Bush Kingsbury grew up in.

My grandfather the way I remember him.
My grandfather the way I remember him.

Maybe they’ll know why George Samuel Broeske and Catherine Weber Broeske left Germany around 1850 with their three daughters and two-year old son Henry, who started the Broski line in Virginia that my maternal grandfather, Cecil Weber Broski, descends from.

If I’m really lucky this mystery cousin will know what became of my husband’s paternal great grandfather – Adriano Giorgio – who came to Pittsburgh from the small Italian town of San Vito Chietino on the eastern coast of Italy in the late 1890s.

Adriano Giorgio and Custode Iacobucci  Wedding Photo February 1899
Adriano Giorgio and Custode Iacobucci
Wedding Photo February 1899

Adriano married Custode Iacobucci in Pittsburgh on Valentine’s Day in 1899 (sounds romantic) and after running a store together in Dunbar, PA for several years and having a bambino just about every other year, he deserted her and his eight children in 1912. From what I can tell, he returned to Italy and married again (in 1913) as if his wife and 8 children didn’t exist! (“What happens in America, stays in America” must have been his motto.)

Now before you start thinking too many bad thoughts about Adriano (Andy George as he was known in Dunbar) remember there are always two sides to every story. The child Custode was pregnant with when Andy split, may have had something to do with his sudden departure. Family lore suggests that Custode’s last child was not Adriano’s but rather the son of one of the boarders. Yep – really.  (How can anyone find genealogy boring with stories like this just waiting to be discovered?)

So yes – connections with new people (even if we’re not related) is why I blog. And capturing the stories of my ancestors and those of my husband before the people who can provide first hand information are gone is another motivating factor. Of course, if I’m being completely honest and dreamin’ big, I’d love for or some new reality TV show producer to read my Trovando Famiglia blog and offer to send my family on an all-expense paid trip to Abruzzo to be reunited with Adriano’s family who never left Italy. Seriously – wouldn’t that make a great show?

As for the part of the assignment that asks us to use a new feature – I hope you’ve noticed the photos above. I was going to link to a few stories to provide the details on some of my ancestors but I’m running out of time and am even more late for work than usual.

Let me know what you think! Does anyone else find stories of their ancestors as fascinating as I do?


3 thoughts on “Blogging 101- Day 4 – Dream Readers

  1. Great post. I love the wedding photo from 1899.

    I’ve been researching my genealogy for years. I refuse to pay’s exorbitant prices so the goings are slow. I’ve been lucky in that I am the keeper of the photos for my family. I wrote a post 2 years ago about being the memory keeper of the family butI hadn’t really thought to write about all the family history work I’ve done and do, I should do that more often.

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  2. Oooh this is brilliant and I think I’d watch that show! I love learning snippets about my family, but there are so many people it’s hard to keep track.


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