High School Graduation Advice

It’s high school graduation weekend in Greensboro, North Carolina. All the public high schools’ ceremonies are held in the Special Events Center of the Greensboro Coliseum and each school has a designated block of time. Grimsley High School, where my husband teaches Biology, always has their graduation at 8:30 on Sunday night. Page High School, where our children went to school, is always the last graduation of the weekend, usually on Monday night.

I’m using the weekend to catch up on each of my blogs so this seemed like a good place to share some high school graduation advice. Not my advice but words of wisdom from someone who is much wiser than me. The letter I got from my grandmother when I graduated from high school is transcribed below. Even if you weren’t lucky enough to grow up surrounded by the unconditional love that flows through her words, I hope you’ll benefit from the advice in her letter as you begin life after high school.

June 11, 1974

Dear Kathy,

This will be a great day in your life. Somehow I feel that Buck and I helped to make you what you are. Mama and Daddy loves you because you are their little girl but Buck and I loved you because you were you. You were our sunshine and if we were troubled about anything and you came into the room with your smile everything was alright again.

As you go through life honey you’ll find there is good and bad days but be patient and try not to say things to someone that will hurt them. Some people go through life saying things that they know will hurt and then think all they have to say is “I’m sorry” but those are two words I don’t like to use if I have said something to hurt someone intentionally.

Not many people in the world were as lucky as Buck and I to have had the pleasure of watching you grow up and honey, he will be watching with me tonight when you get your diploma. We both loved you so much.

Love always,

Your Nana


One thought on “High School Graduation Advice

  1. How touching! My husband had two grandparents, and I had three that were with us during our growing up years. We didn’t realize how special they were to us until we became grandparents ourselves. Now we are pouring out our love on two grandsons. It’s marvelous to be a part of this great river of love flowing down through the ages.


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