Blogging 201 – Branding and Growth – YAY !!! IT’S FINALLY HERE

I have been eagerly waiting for this course to begin and now it’s here. I don’t know why it is quite so hard for me to figure out when the assignments will be posted (mathematically challenged I think) but it is usually around 7 pm in the evening here in North Carolina, which is perfect since that is when I have time to write.

I gave my general and not very specific goals for this course when I introduced myself on the Commons but now I will try to be more specific in response to Day One’s assignment.

Goal One – Create an editorial calendar for the remainder of 2015 by August 30th.

Goal Two – Consolidate my four blogs into one and learn how to use pages, sidebar features and other doomajiggies to make it easy to find what people want to read by September 1st.

Goal Three – Find a writing schedule/discipline that works for me.

Goal Four (because I’ve always been somewhat of an over-achiever) Identify my readership and gain at least 5 new followers each month between now and the end of 2015. (okay – maybe a somewhat timid overachiever when venturing into new territory)

Now to get back to the Commons and meeting my classmates.


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