Defining My Brand – Blogging 201 – Day 2 Assignment

So far this course is really helping me think about my brand and helping resolve my dilemma of having too many blogs. Yesterday I compiled a list of all posts on each blog and looked at how many followers I have on each blog. Even though I’ve only been blogging since March 2014 that exercise took awhile. (I know the stats page provides the information on number of posts and followers but it was informative to go through and write down the title of each post.) Sometimes there’s nothing like a pen and a blank legal pad to help focus my thoughts.

In the past 16 months I’ve created 100 posts, which equates to just over 6 posts a month so I was happy to realize that I have been blogging at least once a week. Yesterday’s exercise also helped me realize that it will be easy to abandon two of my blogs – and  These are narrowly focused family history blogs that can easily be incorporated into the theme of my primary blog.  Writing family history and capturing my genealogical discoveries was the main reason I started blogging but I also want to incorporate my new obsession with exploring my creativity as I venture into “the next phase” of my life. I think the two concepts can fit into one blog but I’m still working on what that will look like.

I’ve decided to keep my Italian ancestors blog – because it is specifically geared toward compiling the history of my husband’s Italian ancestors and is quite effective at it’s purpose – finding cousins. More importantly, a few of our newly discovered relatives  have given me tremendous support and encouragement and would be very disappointed if that blog did not exist. That feels good! It also demonstrates that a blog that does not need a broad base of followers to be successful. I am absolutely fascinated by the lives of the four Giorgio boys who came from San Vito Chietino, Italy to western Pennsylvania in the late1800s and their descendants. If I ever write a book it will be about them.

The most important thing I realized in deciding on these consolidations and focusing my brand is that my primary blog does NOT have the look and feel that I want and will need a major overhaul. But that’s why I’m taking this course so I’m actually looking forward to the task.


5 thoughts on “Defining My Brand – Blogging 201 – Day 2 Assignment

    1. Yep – I definitely need a new About page. I accidentally deleted it yesterday but since I’m reorganizing everything I need a new one anyway. I like the categories idea – I will check your site a bit more carefully but I like the way it’s laid out.

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      1. It has taken me many try to get the site that I ended up with and I’m quite sure, it is the one I want. I visit so many other that are more organized and I get a little jealous. I saw a site where the blog owner used his own paintings and drawings as the background. It was simply beautiful! I definitely feel like a website decorator.


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