I Love Eating Lunch at My Desk!

I’ve heard it’s a bad idea to eat lunch at your desk. A mid-day break improves efficiency and recharges your energy. But I love to eat lunch at my desk and it’s too hot to go outside anyway! Besides, it forces me to clear away the piles of paper at least once a day.

I’ve also heard that it is BORING – to take pictures of food. But who can resist pictures of fresh, delicious tomatoes! I challenge anyone to name another vegetable that has such a marked difference when it is in season vs. not in season. A store bought tomato in winter (or almost anytime except summer) is SOOO different than a garden fresh tomato that they should have different names.

So now I’ve had my break and I’ve finished my daily post and it’s time to get back to work. But I had to investigate the source of a muffled tinkling tune I’ve been hearing for the past five minutes.  I thought it was someone’s ringtone and I couldn’t figure out they didn’t answer their phone. What a surprise when I discovered that it was an ICE CREAM TRUCK!

Yep - that's an ice cream truck!Well okay – maybe it’s not too hot to go outside for ice cream! Better yet – it’s FREE ice cream because it is Tenant Appreciation Day at our office building. What a great idea! We have recently had a big influx of new tenants filling office space that had been empty for a year or more. Now that’s something to celebrate.

There is something really charming about a line of adults at an ice cream truck! I guess you’re never too old for ice cream.


3 thoughts on “I Love Eating Lunch at My Desk!

  1. I usually eat wherever I am sitting while on the computer. I would eat with Danny at the table IF he would ever eat at regular times. Supper for instance. If he would eat ANYWHERE between 4 PM and 10 PM then I would eat with him. No, he will eat rIght before going to bed. It can be 11 PM or 3AM.
    Then he goes to bed and is out like a light.
    I love to take pictures of everything. Why not take a photo of your plate? I do.


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