Blogging 201- Day 4 Assignment – Study your Stats

Blogging 201 is a very thought provoking course. Unlike Blogging 101, which was a series of task-focused assignments, Blogging 201 introduces concepts and gives you things to think about. Today’s assignment (Day 4) is about analyzing your site’s statistics and using what you learn to guide the creation of an editorial calendar. Specific things to consider are:

What are your top posts by views?
What are your top posts by number of likes or comments?
Which topics do these posts represent?
Are there posts or topics you are surprised are popular? Can your stats provide a hint as to why?
Which times and days of the week bring the most traffic?
When should you plan to publish new posts on popular topics?

Most of my thinking over the past few days has been about how to consolidate my blogs into one and exactly what that one will be called. (I am working hard on this branding concept – it makes sense but it isn’t easy.) Late in the day yesterday I settled on a name that I was pretty excited about. I decided to sleep on it. It still felt right this morning. It will “work” across various social media outlets, it will convey to readers what my blog is about in an intriguing way, it is symbolic of my themes of genealogy, nature and creativity. And even though I’m not an artist, I can visualize the perfect logo for my site.

When I shared it with my husband this morning he liked it too. Then he asked if I had “Googled” it. Well no – of course not, not yet anyway. I’d been too busy thinking about whether the name really fits my blog or not but – yeah – that would be a good thing to do. I went to fix my coffee. Rick Googled it. Uggh . . . heavy sigh – (you probably know where this is headed) . . .

I wasn’t the first person to come up with the perfect name for my blog. In fact, another WordPress blogger seems to think it is the perfect name for their blog – WHAT NERVE!

BUT…. the last post on that blog was just over a year ago and it didn’t have many posts while it was “active.” Better yet, the existing WordPress site doesn’t use exactly the name I want to use only part of it. Hmmm…maybe it would work after all. I thought back to the little I learned in law school about copyright law – you can’t really copyright common words and even a made up word, if it is used for different things that don’t create confusion to the consumer, can’t be protected. (Don’t quote me on this – law school was a lonnggg . . . time ago.) But copyright law is really beside the point – I don’t want to use a name for my blog that someone else uses for their blog because –it’s MY blog!

I Googled the name again and this time I found that the exact title I want to use is already in use on a Tumblr account. I’ve never used Tumblr and probably won’t but following the advice that my brand should work across various social media platforms, the existing Tumblr account is more problematic than the existing WordPress account. Maybe Tumblr is just weird (or maybe I am just old) but I wouldn’t want anything I’m doing to be confused with that Tumblr site. So it’s back to the mental drawing board – UGGH… HEAVY SIGH!

I’m not discouraged though. I’m pretty good at naming things. I even won the “Name your Grandkitten Contest” last week when one of my suggestions was chosen by our 20-something year old daughter as the name of her new kitten. On the theory that every post should have at least one picture – and it’s a grandparent’s prerogative to dote – I’m happy to introduce my new grandkitten – Asher. He is almost too cute to bear – full of more energy and enthusiasm than one heart can hold – and adjusting nicely to his new home.

He even helped the cable guy install cable.

And since my daughter just had a new housemate move in with a one year old cat, Asher even has someone to play with while the girls are at work! At last report, Jack and Asher are adjusting nicely.

Asher and Jack
               Asher and Jack

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