Blogging 201 – Day 5 – Make the Most of Your Archives

Today’s assignment (well actually – last Friday’s assignment that is just now getting posted on my blog): integrate a feature to draw traffic to your older content like a widget, related posts, or a “Best of” page.

I added a related Posts widget and fiddled around with the lay out of my widgets. This is a particularly useful feature when writing about family history since the same cast of characters often appear in multiple posts. I’m not sure I love the design but I need to explore different themes or work on customizing my widgets when I have more time to devote to the process.

One thing I’ve started to reconsider over the past 18 months of blogging is my use of categories and tags.  They tend to overlap and I’ve sometimes used them interchangeably. I’m going to work on reducing the number of categories so that they represent the three to four major themes of my blog. I’ve also realized that I don’t really like the “word cloud” formation of my tags widget. I see it as a jumble of words that’s just taking up space and when I look at it I don’t really “see” it and more importantly – I’m not inspired to use it. How do others feel about that?

My other big accomplishment was to get my Giorgio family history blog Trovando Famiglia – One Family’s Search for their Italian Ancestors added to the list of family history blogs on Geneablogger. It appeared in the list of newly discovered blogs (sometime you have to ask to be discovered – that’s okay!) on Saturday. Geneabloggers Blog List

Still need to work on my editorial calendar but that is likely to be something I do when I’m on vacation later this week.


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