Day 7 and 8 Assignment – Make the Most of Events; Make Your Blog a Hub

I have attended the online version of one Blogging Conference and REALLY liked it. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of it right now but I think it was sponsored by WordPress. The live conference was in San Francisco and it was held on a Saturday (maybe in March) with live feeds of the presenters available on line. It is definitely something I would do again.

I will also look for a blogging event. The structure and instant community of Blogging U courses are such a boost to my blogging productivity that I want to find something to keep it going during those in between times when there isn’t a Blogging U course.

I’m not quite ready to making my blog a hub (my Facebook page is only 3 days old so I’m still getting used to the dual demands of a blog and a FB page.) I will say that from what I’ve learned about blogging and using other social media to cross promote in this course, I’m planning to set up a FB page and a blog for the group that I’m starting with a friend this fall. The group will engage women for a monthly hiking/writing/yoga outing. I’d be fine with just hiking and writing but I’m game for the yoga (maybe). Social media offers an obvious way to get the word out about the group and also provides an easy way for anyone involved to get updates about the schedule, directions and any last minute changes. The blog would be an easy way for participants to share their writing. I think there’s even a way to set it up so it is “private” for the group members to input their writing and give feedback to one another in a closed group.

This course has been like a match strike to get my creativity campfire going.  I am coming up with far too many ideas to ever have enough time to implement. Now I just need to work on organizing them (somewhere other than in my head) so that I don’t forget them.


3 thoughts on “Day 7 and 8 Assignment – Make the Most of Events; Make Your Blog a Hub

  1. You have been really good at keeping up with daily blogging for WordPress U 201. I’ve kept up with all the assignments but haven’t blogged every day about it. It has really helped me get my blog off the ground.


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