Wicked Word Wednesdays

Thanks Kelli –

Here’s a prompt (or rather – a blogging event perhaps) from http://kelliblogs.com/2015/08/12/wicked-word-wednesdays/

Kelli’s word for today was wicked and she wrote about the Wizard of Oz and the Wicked Witch. Many comments later – it seems that the flying monkeys – which terrified me, were equally terrifying to others. I think it was largely because of the scary music but the idea of things swooping out of the sky and snatching you up is pretty scary.

I think the part of the movie that was frightening and yet uplifting at the same time was when Dorothy accidentally killed the witch by throwing water on her when she set the scarecrow on fire. I had to cheer for Dorothy being so brave to try to save the scarecrow (my favorite character) and then feel terrified when she thought the monkeys would kill her for killing the witch – only to find out they were grateful to Dorothy for setting them free of WICKED witch.

I guess that proves that love can conquer wickedness any day. I certainly hope so.


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