Hints that Fall is Not Too Far Away

After a very hot and humid summer we’ve gotten an unexpected break in what would normally be our most uncomfortable part of the summer in Piedmont North Carolina over the first few weeks in August. Last week we even had low humidity, which was a very pleasant surprise. This week a few rainy days (and nights) have kept the temperatures below ninety but the humidity above 95% – MUGGY!

I’ve said that nature tells us stories every day if we only slow down long enough to listen. Earlier this week I saw a huge red tailed hawk about two blocks from my office in a residential neighborhood in Greensboro, NC. He was perched on the railing of a foot bridge peering down to the water below – probably “fishing” – but by the time I backed up to take a picture, he’d sought refuge in the limb of a nearby tree. It’s not a great shot but you may be able to see him in the middle of this picture if you zoom in. When he finally flew away – his fanned red tail left no doubt as to his identity.

Resident Red-Tailed Hawk at Irving Park Elementary School
Resident Red-Tailed Hawk at Irving Park Elementary School Greensboro NC
Red Mushroom Morning
Red Mushroom Morning

Last week I began seeing mushrooms in my back yard, a sure sign that fall will be here soon. By the time I went to take a picture, someone had decided they would make a better lunch than picture so I decided to act sooner the next time I saw one. This morning, I made sure to get a picture while I could and this red one was even prettier than the white ones from last week.  A fallen limb with bright yellow-orange lichen adds interest to the scene.

Fallen Limb with Lichen

The fact that there are usually limbs scattered in the back yard after a windy rain tells me it may be time to get someone to look at the trees to see which ones need to be trimmed.  That’s what nature in my backyard told me this morning – how about you?

Try looking at things from a different perspective!
Look at things from a new perspective!

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