Another Family Love Story

My Uncle Deane and Aunt Nancy just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on August 6, 2015. As I’m reading through my grandfather’s family letters to complete my “year a day challenge” as so often happens, I come across something that demands my attention and takes me off task.

As a belated 55th wedding anniversary tribute to my Uncle Deane and Aunt Nancy, here is my grandfather’s account of the early days of their relationship and the parents’ first dinner together. At the time this was written, Deane was a senior and Nancy was a junior at Indiana University. In the family letter dated November 25, 1958, JBK writes:

“There are prospects of a wedding in our family. Deane is sure he has found the right girl, and they thought of getting married at the end of this school year, but the latest decision is to wait until Deane finds out whether the Army is going to take him, and for Nancy to finish her last year at the university. They met while they were both working on the Daily Student, and this fall it began to get serious. Nancy Myers lives in Columbus, Indiana, 40 miles east of Bloomington; she is majoring in journalism and literature. She is pretty, intelligent, and wise for her years, and we like her very much. We invited her father and mother for dinner about a month ago, with her sister and her boyfriend. It was her father’s birthday and we all had a good time. The four young people went to a dance and the four parents stayed home and had a good talk.

Mr. Myers studied for the ministry and preached for a while in a Christian church, then went into one of the plants in Columbus that makes radios and a number of other things as a personnel and labor relations officer. Her mother was born in Australia, and they are both lively, witty, and good people. They like Deane, and had no objections to the kids getting married, though it would please them if Nancy finished her last year in the university. This is an example of Mr. Myers’ kind of wisdom: he suggested that they think over carefully the pros and cons of getting married next June, then he would arrange a debate and he would argue in favor of it. Well, when Deane and Nancy thought of all the reasons against it, they called up her father and told him there would be no debate. They may still change their minds, but they are both thoughtful youngsters and, we will be satisfied with whatever they finally decide.

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3 thoughts on “Another Family Love Story

  1. Love! And news to me too. Thanks, Kalen, for finding this gem. I’m going to try to email it to them.


    1. Peggy
      They can also go to the blog. If you go to it and copy the url link and email that to them, it should take them right to that post.
      It sounds like they read blogs.
      Glad you liked it – JBK’s letters are amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

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