My Third Year – 1957 – 1958

All Things Kalen: Gathering Stories

kalen.famphoto.2.2.57My father got out of the Navy in October 1957, so he was home for my third year and our little family of three began living together for the first time since I’d been born. We lived on Clifton Boulevard in Cleveland, Ohio, not too far from where Nana and Buck lived. There had actually been a short time just before I turned two that we were all together in Mystic, Connecticut when my father was finishing his time in the Navy. Although I do not remember it, my mother tells me that we lived in an apartment near a drawbridge. Apparently I was a light sleeper even then because my mother remembers that the clanging bells and flashing lights of the drawbridge woke me up. It wasn’t long before my mother and I returned to Cleveland.

For Thanksgiving 1957, my father’s parents and his brother Deane stayed with us…

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