Wicked Word Wednesday (3)

Last week my entry got the most votes so as soon as I figure out how to display it, my WWW First Place badge will appear in my side bar. But until then – check out the word for this week and join in the fun.

Running In My Head

Greetings logophiles and other creative types! It’s time for another

Wicked Word Wednesday Logo 3

Quick Overview:

One entry per person.

42 words max.

Leave your entry in the comment box below.

Please include Twitter handle or pseudonym.

Entries must be posted by midnight Eastern Time (New York City time).

New to Wicked Word Wednesday?

Please Read the Full Rules Here

A Reminder: Changes Since the First Event

Last week was the very first Wicked Word Wednesday, and while things went swimmingly, some things needed ironing out.

If you participated last week, please note:

You must leave your entry in the comment section of this post.

Pingbacks cannot be accepted since it’s not possible to “like” pingbacks.

In fact, I’ve disabled pingback notifications.

Feel free to post your entry on your own blog!

If you decide to promote Wicked Word Wednesday on your own site, please link back to the current event.

Some interested participants…

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