Writing 101 – Day 2 – List of Things I Like

I like fresh oat bran muffins with apples, raisins and pecans made on the spur of the moment while cleaning the kitchen and I like that the people I love like them too,
I like long weekends even when I spend them cleaning house
I like short work weeks – the corollary of long weekends
I like time to myself
I like the end of summer
I like writing in bed
I like wine
I like my garden, my yard, my “volunteer” tomato plant that came back from last year and out-performed all of the ones I planted this year
I like flowers
I like book club (even when I worry that people won’t like the book I suggested)
I like feeling drowsy and sleepy when it’s time for bed
I like libraries
I like family history
I like writing about my life and my ancestors
I like meeting new people
I like my capacity to change
I like my life


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