Get Ready for a Blogging Blitz!!!

I have had a lot of fun trying to write about a year of my life each day for the past three weeks. But if I had succeeded in my goal you would now be up to my 21st year and as you can see my last post was about my 16th year. I’ve already sacrificed the pictures that help make the posts interesting because it is just too darn time consuming to gather and scan all those photos and upload them into the post.

And here’s the bad news – my time is getting even more crunched at work and with other obligations. So I’m about to get caught up (well up to year 20 at least) and that means there will be four posts in rapid succession – all without pictures.  I will feel better once I get them posted. I am not sure when I will get to the next 7 years but I’m going to do my best to stay on track. Maybe my husband will offer to prepare dinner so I can write instead of cook.  (hint hint)

So hang on to your hats and pardon the typos but we’re about to go from 16 to 20 in short order.


2 thoughts on “Get Ready for a Blogging Blitz!!!

    1. It all went up last night – years 16 – 20. Now I’m only 2 years behind schedule but probably won’t catch up on those until this coming weekend😊 as always your encouragement is appreciated!


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