Writing 101 – Day 6 – Where Do You Write?

Lots of times I write on my laptop at work – during breaks of course. Sometimes I write in our downstairs family room, sitting on the sofa. But my favorite place to write is in my bedroom – sometimes in bed and sometimes in the comfy pink arm chair that I designated my reading and writing spot a few years ago.

I have tried at various times to create the perfect writing space but it is a work in progress. I’ve partially transformed my daughter’s former bedroom (she’s got her own place now) into the room where I keep all my genealogy notes, notebooks, photos and craft items. Unfortunately, this is also the room where things that have no other home get stashed when we’re clearing another part of the house. So I’m constantly in the process of reclaiming whatever writing space I create there.

Most recently we’ve reabsorbed my son’s belongings when he moved home after college about a month ago. This means that almost every room is a bit of a mess. I often feel like Sisyphus – but instead of a rolling a huge boulder uphill, it’s the never ending pursuit of a clean and orderly house with everything exactly where it belongs – “a place for everything and everything in its place.” I’m getting better at getting rid of things but it’s still a work in progress.

So maybe that’s why the bed is my favorite place to write. Since I sleep in it every night it generally remains clear of other things so it’s easily accessible. My favorite time to write is when I wake up on Saturday morning with nothing that I have to do. It feels self-indulgent, in the best sense of the word, to stay in my pajamas and write. I can easily stay there two or three hours – writing, reading and surfing the net. Especially when my sweet husband brings me a cup of coffee.

Here’s my view from last night when I read this assignment.

My Favorite Writing Spot
My Favorite Writing Spot

I’ll create the poll that is part 2 of today’s assignment when I get home tonight.


5 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 6 – Where Do You Write?

  1. I sit on the left-most cushion of the couch, and write using my iPad. I usually post in early am (started writing at 11pm, just posted at 1am) after mulling over the topic, phrases, etc., for a day or two. I sometimes sit at the computer, but prefer the couch to the desk chair. I’ve discovered, however, that the iPad doesn’t quite cut it completely on WordPress – probably more likely operator error, but maybe not. Oh, and posting takes a couple of hours because I edit often and Save even more so!


  2. I relate to Sisyphus–I invoke him all the time and am STILL purging my daughter’s belongings. She graduated from college in 2012 and moved 2500 miles away four days later. We capture the space we can, don’t we?

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