Writing 101 – Day 10 – If we were Having Coffee

Today’s assignment points out the need for every blog to occasionally provide a status update – a “what’s going on in your life post” – so your readers will know – what’s going on in your life.

As a relatively new blogger (18 months now) who doesn’t feel “real” yet – my immediate reaction is – “who cares what’s going on in my life.” But as anyone who has taken a WordPress course surely knows – “It’s all about community.” And as my 20-something daughter pointed out when we were discussing blogs over drinks last night – the blogs she is most interested in and follows most closely, are those whose authors share aspects of their personal life – including pictures.

WordPress does create an amazing community, which grows during courses.The number of people I “interact” with and the diversity of their backgrounds, ages, and interests, would be impossible to recreate in real life.

Does anyone else remember the “Love Is” cartoons from the 1970s? Love Is.9.17
I start almost every day with a “Love Is” moment. My husband teaches high school biology and leaves for work at about the time I’m rolling over and deciding whether or not I really have to get up or whether I can sleep for another hour.

Whenever I do wake up – I’m greeted by a full pot of fresh coffee that my husband makes every morning even though he never drinks any. He makes it just for me! And it’s not that he doesn’t drink coffee – he actually goes to work and makes coffee for himself there.

So every morning as I stumble downstairs for that first cup of coffee, I picture a “Love Is” cartoon with a bleary-eyed female character coming downstairs to the aroma of fresh coffee with hearts floating above the coffee maker and a caption that says:

“Love is making coffee that you don’t drink”

So if we were having coffee today – I’d be glad that Rick made the coffee for us before he left for work – because honestly – his coffee is better than mine.

If we were having coffee today – we’d be sitting at the kitchen table – or on the deck now that the weather is cooler – and we’d watch the birds at our back yard feeder and if we were lucky a hummingbird would stop by the feeder on the deck – one of the last of the season.

If we were having coffee today – I’d tell you that I’m a bit stressed right now because work is busy and I’m leaving next Thursday for my 30th law school reunion in Baltimore (a 6 hour drive from here) and I wonder how I’m going to feel to be in a room with a bunch of 55-60 year old people who in my mind are still 20-somethings (including me!) Will they still be the way I remember them or will they be all grown up?

If we were having coffee today – I’d ask if you want to join me on Saturday morning for a hike with the women’s hiking and writing group that I’m starting with my friend Marjorie. We plan to meet on the third Saturday of each of the next nine months for hiking and the following Wednesday for writing. Want to know about the new group?

If we were having coffee today, especially if we were sitting on the deck, my sweet, neurotic dog Samson, would be very happy because there is nothing he likes better than spending the day in the yard, but only if someone is outside with him – preferably me.

The four-legged love of my life.
      The four-legged love of my life

6 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 10 – If we were Having Coffee

  1. Thanks for writing about yourself. I loved it. My husband always has the coffee made by the time I get up, too, although we both drink it. We live on our deck with hummingbirds and a mountain view half the year. No dog, though. I hope you will be thrilled with your reunion.


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