Writing 101 – Day 11 -What I Do When I’m not Writing

Writing 101 – Day 11 – What do you do when you’re not writing? How do you reset and return to this dashboard, refreshed? What do you need in your day-to-day life to maintain balance: Running? Yoga? Gardening? Painting? Cooking?

Today, publish your post in any form you wish, as long as you focus on one or all of these questions.

You have an additional task for the day. Reach out to someone for an interview or collaboration. This person can be a Blogging 101 participant, a blogger on WordPress.com or another platform, or someone else whose work you admire.

Today’s assignment provides a reminder about the importance of stepping out of your routine in order to return refreshed. It highlights the importance of “unplugging” now and then to appreciate the real world and cultivate friendships outside the blogosphere.

There’s a bit of irony in the task. I started blogging 18 months ago as a creative outlet – a way to relax and refresh. Blogging has become what I need “in my day-to-day life to maintain balance.” If too many days go by without time for me to blog, I get grumpy. So how do reset and return to my dashboard refreshed? I go to work.

My life is delightfully simple. I work. I blog. Sure – there’s dinner with friends, monthly book club, time with my family, hiking and gardening. I don’t watch TV or follow the news – I stopped doing that a few years ago and I’m much happier.

I work for Piedmont Land Conservancy, a regional conservation organization (a land trust) like the Nature Conservancy but on a smaller scale in the north central Piedmont of North Carolina. Our mission is to protect our region’s natural lands, farms and waters for present and future generations. We connect people with nature.

As long as I don’t let myself get stuck in the office for too many weeks in a row, my job is incredibly refreshing. When I started (15 years ago) my husband joked about me having a hard day at the office – “traipsing through meadows.” Being out on the land with a family farmer is my favorite way to spend a day. I always learn something new and return with an appreciation for what a hard job farming is. Remember  “No Farms, No Food.”

GLD.Sign.9.21.15Last night – for work – we celebrated the 20th year of Goat Lady Dairy, a family farm and artisan cheese maker. Piedmont Land Conservancy holds conservation easement on the farm, which means that it will always be available for agricultural use and will not be developed. Sometimes a few pictures tell the story better than a lot of words. Here’s how I recharge my blogging batteries.

OkraRow.9.21.15 okra.9.21.15Did you know this is how okra grows! I always thought it was on a smaller bushier plant but these okra plants were as tall and strong as corn stalks with a beautiful yellow flower.

Goat Lady Dairy.9.21.15Day 11.salviafield.viewDay 11.purplebeans


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