Sometimes You’ve Gotta Share the Love!

I’ve been focusing on my husband’s family over the past few days so you can catch up with my latest activity here.

I’d love to hear from any bloggers who have two blogs on different topics and how you schedule your posts.  I need to develop a better way to post on both of them, but the nature of the topic (family history and genealogy) requires a focused research effort for each post and I’m finding it difficult to give them both the attention they need.  Daily posts on both would be impossible – it tends to be one or the other. Weekly posts might work but even that is challenging.

Any ideas from other bloggers?


3 thoughts on “Sometimes You’ve Gotta Share the Love!

  1. Kalen, even though I have only one blog, it is as if I have two. On the one hand there is the family research, and on the other there are the reports on the tiny community of Fauquier with its beautiful surroundings and colorful history. At the beginning I also tried to have one post a day. As a result I began to suffer from blogger’s burn-out. My schedule now entails 3 posts a week, one for the weekend P. and G. Klopp story, one devoted to our community on Tuesdays and one on members on our family tree on Thursdays. Perhaps you will find it useful to run your blogs in a similar fashion. You will be much happier, when you have completed fewer tasks than to regret not having fulfilled your daily quota. Hope that helped a little. Greetings from Canada!

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    1. Thanks Peter
      I do enjoy all your post but especially like that I get to know a part of the world I’ve never experienced before by your posts about Fauquier. I do need to come up with a schedule.

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