Too Much to Remember

Sometimes I think I’m trying to process too much information and my mind is short circuiting. I wake up with an idea for a post and then get to work and start doing my real job – which today included writing a blog post for our newly designed website and later in the day I don’t remember what my original idea for the post was. Yes – I know I could write it down but I’d probably lose the paper.

I try to decide what picture to use for the Writing 101 prompt since I wasn’t inspired by any of the ones offered and I decide on one of my husband’s grandfather and his brothers, which was probably taken around 1919. But after two attempts I realize that the file is not in the proper format for uploading on WordPress so that makes it kind of hard to use. Then I try to figure out if the person who sent me the picture has identified the boys correctly based on what I know about their birth order. I don’t think so – so I guess I better send her an email.

I check my personal email account and find an offer for some downloads and resource materials for searching ancestors in Pennsylvania. I’ve got lots of ancestors from Pennsylvania – not just my husband immigrant Italian ancestors but some of my German ancestors who came in the 1700s. So I order it, peruse it, follow some of the links only to discover that they aren’t as helpful as I was expecting. More papers and downloads to organize.

Then there’s the car that needs a tune up – should I try to do that tomorrow before I go to Raleigh on Saturday (a 180 mile round trip)? And speaking of Raleigh – do I really need to leave here at 6 in the morning on Saturday? That sure seems early but I don’t want to be rushed. The organizers of the program recommend arriving at 7:30 for check-in even though the program doesn’t start until 8:30. God that’s awfully early for a Saturday- but it is a solid hour and a half drive and I don’t want to get stuck in football traffic, which will start early since Duke and Carolina play each other at 12:30 in Chapel Hill (midway between where I live and Raleigh.) So I guess I do need to leave at 6 after all. Okay – that’s settled – one less thing to think about. Now what about the car repair?

Earlier in the week I thought I would look over my ancestor research to see if there are any ancestors with a NC connection so I could organize my information to get the most out of the conference. Now I think I’ll just go and take it all in. I’m starting to get tired just thinking about it. If I have to leave at 6:00 a.m. I’m gonna have to get up at 5:00 – oh yawn! Looks like it might be a good day to splurge on a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

And what photo should I use tomorrow on my other blog for Foto Friday? Obviously not the one of the five brothers that doesn’t load properly on WordPress although I still don’t understand why?

And how am I going to link my posts to my BlogHer account since I forgot my password and even though I went through the process of getting the one-time log-on link to reset my password (or at least I thought I did) – the new one doesn’t seem to be working – or is it my user name that’s wrong? I give up! Do I really have time to learn a new blogging platform anyway? I’ve still got so much to learn about WordPress.

And sometime before Sunday I’ve got to submit my book recommendations for next year’s book club selection. Our annual meeting to choose the 10 books we’ll read next year is on Thursday November 12, 2015. We have a very structured approach to the type of books we read and how we choose them – secret ballot after each person makes her pitch about her selections. We read five fiction, one classic (which is usually fiction), one memoir or biography, two nonfiction and one southern writer. Turns out I’m not even going to be at the meeting to make my pitch so I’m not sure how much effort I’m going to put into it. It seems that even though this meeting had been on the calendar (well – the one in my head anyway) since last year this time (we always meet on the second Thursday of every month except December) I forgot all about it and booked a four day get away to Charleston SC with my husband for next week. Now that’s something to look forward to (until I start obsessing about where to eat, what to do, what to pack etc etc etc – but I’ll save that for next week’s brain crunch.

Yep – definitely got too much going on in my head. I think I’ll try the recommended approach for any malfunctioning device – turn it off – wait a few minutes and turn it back on. But in this case since the device is my brain I’m going to turn it off for the rest of the night!

For tomorrow is another day!


2 thoughts on “Too Much to Remember

  1. Anne –
    I knew there was a reason we connected on WordPress. It is a bit frightening when I read it but I’ve been this way so long it seems normal. I like the idea of turning it off at night although as I’m sure you know it doesn’t always work that way!


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