Liebster Award – Second Nomination

img_6385liebsterawardI’d like to thank Anne Mehrling for nominating me for the Liebster Award, way back in September! But more than that I’d like to thank her for providing so much support when I began writing my life story – one year at a time. I really enjoy her blog and hope you will take a look at it. Thank you Anne and thank you for your patience – sorry it took me so long to accept the award you so kindly offered.

Here are my answers to Anne’s questions:

1. What caused you to start blogging?

As described in yesterday’s post, I was looking for a creative outlet and finding a way to fill some of the emptiness I felt with both children out of the house. It also seemed a perfect way to share family history with other relatives who could theoretically add their comments to the the blog. Theoretically, which means it doesn’t happen very often.

2. Do you like music, and if so, what is your first choice for listening?
Right now I’m beginning my Christmas songs on the radio obsession. I start listening earlier than anyone in my family. I also love songs from the the 40s and crooners like Frank Sinatra, Pat Boone and Nat King Cole.

3. Did you have a favorite childhood toy?

I played with Barbie dolls – a lot. My grandmother made clothes so in addition to the cute Mattel outfits my Barbies had designer clothes that were one of a kind. Lots of fancy long dresses and suits with matching skirts and jackets. Nana also made furniture for my Barbies so when my friend and I got together we set up different parts of my room as their houses. Never one to follow the crowd, my favorites were Francie and Alan – not Barbie and Ken.

4. What are your natural abilities?

Empathy and the ability to talk to almost anyone about almost anything.

5. What person/s had the most influence on your life?

Without a doubt – my grandmother, Alice Louise Latham. I’ve written about her in numerous posts – she was love personified – the best example of someone who had every reason to be bitter and angry but never was.

6. Do you have a favorite type of food?

My grandmother’s southern style cooking is my go to comfort food – macaroni and cheese, meatloaf and mashed potatoes but I also love Mexican food and Italian food. I don’t have a sweet tooth so I’m not a big fan of desserts.

7. What is your exercise of choice?

Walking – and I’m working on doing it more regularly.

8. Do deadlines spur you on or intimidate you?

I work much better with deadlines and also much better when I have too much to do. Unfortunately, I’m not good at breaking large tasks into smaller more manageable components – so I tend to complete most of the work a day or two before the deadline. So I guess I should add procrastination to my list of “natural abilities.”

9. What makes you laugh?

My husband and I often laugh together – there is nothing I like more than the sound of his loud, rich, hearty laugh – just hearing that can make me laugh too.

10. Are you an early bird, a night owl, or something in between?

I tend to stay up late, especially when I’m blogging but it’s not unusual for me to be up pretty early too. I used to be much more of a night owl but now it is rare for me to be up past midnight.


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award – Second Nomination

  1. I used a text widget and copied the code into it. I don’t remember why it wouldn’t work at first, but I had help fixing it. Below is the code from my page. You could easily change the width and height by fiddling with the numbers, and you could substitute left or center where I have it aligned “right”. If this doesn’t work to suit you, I’m sure one of the happiness engineers would be glad to help. They are excellent at stuff like this.

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  2. I never thought to check on people’s responses! Thank you for answering so graciously. I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to many more in the future. Also, congratulations for adding the Liebster icon. I remember struggling to get that inserted.

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    1. I still haven’t figured out how to inset it on my sidebar like you did. Did you use a html code (like for the WordPress classes) inserted in a text widget or an image widget? Or something else?


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