Your Stats are Booming!!!

I decided a while ago not to spend time telling readers why I haven’t written – JUST write – nobody really cares why you haven’t been writing or what excuses you come up with for your absence.

Sure – an interesting story or two about what you’ve been doing while you haven’t been blogging might be good – but for me – that isn’t even an option. It’s just been a few weeks of the things that remind me that life isn’t always easy and moods really do affect my productivity and desire to write.

So it was quite a surprise yesterday when my phone made the lilting “brrrringg…” sound that I look forward to after a post. But I hadn’t posted in over two weeks.  And I decided not to take any WordPress classes in December. So imagine my surprise when I had a message from WordPress.

Your stats are booming! Your blog, All Things Kalen: Gathering Stories, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 31 hourly views – 0 hourly views on average.

“What the heck?!? How is that possible,” I wondered. I took a quick look to see if I could tell what was creating such interest in my blog that I hadn’t written on in over two weeks. Nope – nothing I could detect except that there were at least 6 different viewers.

Hmmm… I wonder who that could be. I quickly worried about whether I’d posted anything I wouldn’t want others to see. Well that would be a dumb thing to do! It’s on the Internet after all. I decided awhile ago that whatever I posted would be fair game for anyone who wants to read it. It gets easier to do that when you’re “of a certain age.”

When I started blogging I often wrote a post then had second thoughts about it the next day and deleted it. Has anyone else done that? Then I decide to create a private blog for things I didn’t want anyone except people I invited to read. That didn’t last long either although I certainly understand why that appeals to certain bloggers.

Maybe the person who is interviewing with us for an Americorps position on Thursday is doing her homework and Googled all of the staff at Piedmont Land Conservancy and my blog popped up. Not likely.
Maybe I left my blog up on my mother’s computer when I was visiting just before Thanksgiving and she’s reading it – hmmm… Not likely – especially given the hassle we’ve had over the past few weeks switching her cable/internet/phone provider. What a nightmare!!!

So whatever or whoever accounts for my “booming stats” at least it’s gotten me back to blogging. So to my most faithful reader and love of my life who has mentioned that he misses my posts – here’s hoping your Wednesday morning is off to a good start.


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