Sunday Nights

It is now very early in the morning on January 4th, so technically it is Monday, but for me, it is the end of the first Sunday night of 2016. Sunday nights have always held special significance for me. They are the transition point between the weekend (free time/me time) and the long five day stretch – called WORK – that pays the bills.

The chance to finish all the things that I meant to accomplish over the weekend (but didn’t) and to cling desperately to the last vestiges of freedom. Okay – I admit – that sounds a bit dramatic, especially since for the past 15 years I’ve had a job that I really enjoy. But it is true – Sunday nights are that pivot point when I begin think about the week ahead and try not to think about all that I wanted to accomplish but didn’t during the weekend.

So it is no surprise that I’ve had a tendency to stay up late on Sunday nights – trying to get the most out of the time that remains before THE WEEK begins. So imagine the significance of the FIRST Sunday night of the New Year when I had not only a weekend but FIVE days away from the office.

I’m always inclined to focus on what I didn’t accomplish instead of what I did (it’s probably too late to change but WHAT is UP with THAT?!?!) So here’s the list of what I hoped to do over the past five days but didn’t:

1. Clear the office desk and open all the unopened mail (it can wait – I HATE opening mail but nobody else in my house seems to know how to do it!)
2. Clean out and organize my bathroom drawers (well I partly did that and my husband who DOES know how to vacuum (another chore I HATE) even vacuumed the entire bathroom so it looks quite nice right now!)
3. Create a blogging calendar for 2016 so that I will have a schedule of what to write and when to write it.
4. Clean out the refrigerator – oh does it need it! I over-shopped before Christmas because I didn’t want to have to go out during the holiday craziness – but somehow even after having neighbors over last night and both kids home for about four days at Christmas – we have WAY too much food. I HATE wasting food – so an overstocked refrigerator makes me really nervous that something in the back corner of the bottom shelf will go bad before we eat it.
5. EXERCISE – yeah – I didn’t do it but I do have a plan for 2016!
There’s probably more, but let’s look at what we DID accomplish.

1. For the first time EVER – since we’ve been married (32 years) we took down our Christmas tree before January 1st! In the South (we live in North Carolina) it is considered “bad luck” if you don’t have your tree down by January 1st. We’re not very superstitious but I must admit that in years past when I drove by the homes of people who got their tree out by the curb in time for the first trash pick-up day after Christmas I was slightly envious. Envy no more!!! This year the tree was down and in our back yard (we like to save our Christmas trees for fire wood) on December 31st!
2. Most of our Christmas decorations put away. All are down – and most are stored away where they will quietly wait for next December. Some are randomly stored in the TV room or the dining room waiting to be packed and moved to the attic – but ALL are down. As the person in our home who is usually doing a solo act of de-decorating in February or March – you can imagine how happy this makes me.

3. Cleaned our downstairs so that it looks noticeably uncluttered, clean, fresh and inviting. SO clean that we even had neighbors over for dinner and games (Trivial Pursuit) last night. SO clean that our 23 year old son who had been away for a few days, commented on how nice the house looked when he got home tonight. Yeah – that’s clean. True – it took a full day on Saturday of both Rick and I working pretty much non-stop but I think it was worth it.

4. Relaxed, read, slept late and felt like we actually had a rest.

5. Cooked new recipes, had dinner on New Year’s Day with our daughter and did LOTS of laundry.

So on that note, and now that it is almost 1 am on Monday – I will call it a night and proof this post in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Nights

  1. You did a LOT!!!!! Impressive!!! John and I have melded our Christmas celebrations over 51 years of marriage. Having been raised in the South, I always pushed for early decoration. We now begin to get things out on the day after Thanksgiving. John grew up in NY where many people decorate a few days before Christmas and don’t de-decorate until January 6, Epiphany. Our tree will still be full of ornaments for some days yet. When we are dead and gone, our ornaments will be certifiably USED.


    1. Anne – I tend to agree that Epiphany seems to be the right time to de-decorate but somehow – that approach often led to decorations still being up until Valentine’s Day sometimes even into March. Drove me crazy – so I will gladly take the Southern approach. I think the idea of having a “fresh start” on January 1st is probably what got people started with the idea that decorations should be down by the New Year. Hope yours is happy!

      On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 7:19 AM, All Things Kalen: Gathering Stories wrote:



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