Blogging 101 – Day 6 “About” Page

One of the things I love about this course is that it makes me do what I need to. And sometimes, like today, that is difficult! I think of myself as an “intermediate” blogger and every time I take a WordPress course I feel like a novice again.

I was shocked that I don’t have an “ABOUT” page on my main blog – All Things Kalen. I have one on my GRAVATAR but not my main blog.

I primarily write to reveal my genealogical discoveries and I love connecting with other family history bloggers. I also write to capture the stories of my family that might be lost if someone (right now me but maybe, in the future, someone else)    doesn’t take the time to tell them. Hence the byline – “Gathering Stories.” imageI just spent a wonderful weekend at the beach (Oak Island, North Carolina, USA) with three good friends. It was the perfect start to 2016. The forecast was for clouds and rain but we had blue skies and mild temps for most of Saturday.

One of the things I love about the ocean is how quickly the view and the mood can change. The first photo was from Saturday morning but by later in the afternoon, this was the view.image

I will continue to work on creating a terrific “ABOUT” page. Here’s what I came up with but I think it is a bit too mystical and rhymey. (Though I often find myself creating short rhymes – so that is part of what makes me – me.

imageI am my shadow, my shadow’s me
Connecting the past with the yet to be.
Telling the stories that make me – me
That I hope the future will want to see.



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