Nature’s New Year Colors

IMG_2599Saturday was the first hike of the year for my Women Hiking and Writing Group and despite a downpour the evening before the morning was dry. Mid-way through the hike the sun peeped out and by the end of the 3.5 mile hike the sky was bright blue and clear. We hiked the Nat Greene Trail, one of the watershed trails around Lake Brandt in Greensboro, North Carolina. We even worked out the logistics of leaving one car at the end point and starting out together from the marina.

With the frigid temps we’re experiencing now, I’m glad we had our outing when we did. I plan the hikes and my friend Marjorie plans the writing prompts and the session that follows on the Wednesday night after each hike. The writing is not necessarily focused on the hike though it can be. The idea of combining the two is that by spending time together hiking, we get comfortable with each other and are more comfortable sharing our writing. Choosing to read what you’ve written is always optional.

We started this group last September and took a break in December so we’ve had three writing sessions so far. I find them incredibly relaxing. Marjorie is a skilled facilitator and creates an atmosphere that is conducive to introspection and sharing. Marjorie has a way of designing a prompt that allows the writing to uncover other thoughts that are circling around at some level of consciousness just waiting to be spring to life. The comfort level of the group and the rules about confidentiality make it a safe place to share things one might often keep hidden. In that sense, the writing is often therapeutic.

So I’ll share these photos from Saturday’s hike while I’ll look forward to what Marjorie has in store for us tomorrow night.IMG_2603.JPG






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