D is for Dogwoods – Another April Blogging Exercise

A few days ago I noticed that some of the blogs I follow seemed to be responding to an alphabetical challenge. Today I found the source of the A to Z challenge for April. If you post each day in April (omitting Sundays) by the end of the month you’ll have one post for each letter of the alphabet. Today’s letter is “D.”

Themes are optional but recommended so I plan for my entries to reflect something that I encounter each day. Not quite as rigorous as some participants who review books or movies for each letter. Nope – I’m just gonna wing it and see what speaks to me each day. And since I am coming late to the party, I’ll start with today’s letter and go back to fill in the letters I missed.


They must exist above the Mason Dixon line but to me a dogwood is the quintessential Southern flowering tree (except for magnolias of course). The wild variety sends long wispy branches to peek out from the edge of woods – its white blossoms floating on air. You have to look closely to find the tree they belong to, but you know it’s there. The cultivated variety is more compact and regular – not much of a risk taker. Its wild ways tamed – enthusiasm curbed. Trained to conform and oblige, barely remembering, or perhaps never knowing, what it felt like to reach and grow in wild abandon.



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