F is for a Friend Named Fried

Leslie and I met 34 years ago when we started law school in Baltimore in 1982. Leslie lived near Dupont Circle in Washington DC and I lived in Takoma Park, Maryland. We shared the drive to and from Baltimore each day and the travails of our first year of law school. We bonded in a way that only such an experience can provide. I’m not sure which was more terrifying, the Socratic method harshly applied or the daily commute on I-95. I have vivid memories of both.

Leslie and I both got married after our first year of law school and will celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversaries this summer. We both kept our maiden names. Leslie and Jeff have two boys, Josh and Daniel. Rick and I have a daughter, Sarah and a son, Will. Jeff and Leslie stayed in Washington DC but moved to the suburbs. Rick and I moved to Southern California for 12 years and then to Greensboro, North Carolina. I’ve seen Leslie three times in the 30 years since law school graduation. Leslie specializes in elder law, I work for a land conservation organization – probably not what either of us expected when we graduated from law school in 1985 but I know we both feel good about making a difference in the world.

Leslie is on a business trip to North Carolina and extended her visit by a day so we can get together. I know from our brief visit last fall (our 30th class reunion) that it felt like it had been a few days – not 30 years – since we’d been together. We didn’t have much time to talk at the reunion and we were surrounded by other classmates. That’s why I’m especially happy to have my FRIEND, Leslie Fried visiting tomorrow. I have no doubt we’ll pick up where we left off last September when this picture was taken and have a great time catching up on the last 30 years. Somehow I doubt the time we have will be enough – but I  know we’ll make the most of it.

Celebrating 33 Years of Friendship
Celebrating 33 Years of Friendship

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