A is for Abandoned Houses


I’m fascinated by abandoned houses and the secrets they hold. Who was the last inhabitant? When did he or she die? Or did they just move away, unable to keep things up as they got older and weaker? When did it pass from a “fixer-upper,” to a weed and tree infested home to vultures and other critters. And who are those others that call it home now?

In many parts of rural North Carolina, one might easily mistake a currently occupied ramshackle house for one that is abandoned. At first I wasn’t too sure this one was empty. The lawn is nicely mowed and maybe the bushes were hiding a shabby but secure entrance.

Abandoned House
Is anybody home???

But on closer inspection – it seems unlikely anyone lives here now.


Unless they only use the back door.


I’m not usually afraid to explore these abandoned houses but I never stay for long. I feel like I’m intruding. Surely the last occupant would be embarrassed to see the current condition of her home. Sad that nobody cared enough to keep it up.


Oh what stories these houses could tell!


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