Ansel Adams Indexed – Day 12 of NaPoWriMo 2016

Here’s today’s poetry prompt:

Have you ever flipped to the index of a book and found it super interesting? Well, I have (yes, I live an exciting life!) For example, the other day I pulled from my shelf a copy of on old book that excerpts parts of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s journals. Today, I challenge you to write your own index poem. You could start with found language from an actual index, or you could invent an index.

From Ansel Adams, A Biography by Mary Street Alinder a poem created from the index of his works.

Aspens, Northern, New Mexico,
Nevada Fall,
Sand Dune, Sunrise.
El Capitan
Leaves Mount Ranier.

Americana, Cigar Store Indian,
Diamond Cascade.
American Wilderness,
Moon and Half Dome,
Sierra Nevada, The John Muir Trail.




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