Today’s Family History Adventure

map.5.6.16I’m driving to Richmond, VA today to spend Mother’s Day weekend with my mother. From Greensboro, NC, where I live, there are two primary options for driving to VA. One is on interstate highways 40 E to 85 N to 95 N. It is about a 3.5 to 4 hour drive. Interstate highway all the way but not very scenic.

My preferred route, which doesn’t take much longer and is much more scenic, is to take Route 29 N to Danville, Va then head east on Route 58, and Northeast on Route 360 all the way to Richmond. This route passes small Virginia towns and lots of farmland. I much prefer it. There are also many options as you approach Farmville, VA; continue east on Route 360 through Amelia County, or swing North and go into Richmond on Route 60.

This second option passes through counties where my Virginia ancestors are from; Prince Edward, Cumberland and Buckingham. If I’m able to leave early enough, I like to squeeze in at least one courthouse or cemetery visit en route. The dilemma is deciding which one. On one of my earlier trips I stopped by the Prince Edward County Courthouse in Farmville to research the Hubbard family. I’ve also visited a beautiful cemetery in Prospect Va., where the oldest daughter in that family is buried but I haven’t found the graves of Henry and Mary Jane Hubbard, my 3x great grandparents.

Their son William Hugh Hubbard fought in the Civil War and was taken prisoner at the battle of Spotsylvania on May 12, 1864. He was released just before the end of the war in 1865 and returned to Prince Edward County. He married Sarah Elizabeth (Betty) Jenkins on May 2, 1877 and they had four children. I don’t know much about my Jenkins side of the family.

The map at the beginning of this post shows today’s destination – Grove Cemetery in Cumberland County VA.  I have yet to explore that county but it is where Betty Jenkins grew up. Betty was the second daughter of Sarah Rebecca Ann Warner and William Henry Jenkins. Betty is shown seated in the picture below.

Hubbard Family 1
Betty Jenkins Hubbard (seated) and three of her four children – Willie, Mamie and Hugh

I know that Sarah Rebecca and William H. Jenkins had nine children, all born in Cumberland County VA between the years 1851 and 1872. Sarah died in 1912 in Richmond Va. but the informant on her death certificate was her oldest son John Hatcher Jenkins. He is buried in Grove Cemetery. Her death certificate indicates that she was buried in Sunny Side VA but I haven’t located her grave in any of the on-line grave listings for the cemeteries in Cumberland or Buckingham counties so I’m going to take a chance that he may have buried his mother in the cemetery where he was buried twenty years later.



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