Happy Birthday Bryant Kingsbury

If he were alive, my father would be 84 years old today. I recently discovered I had some pictures of him as a child and they are quite adorable. The caption on the following picture indicates it was taken at Brice House in Annapolis Maryland when my father was two years old.


Brice House

The Wikipedia entry for Brice House indicates it was used for faculty housing for St. John’s college. I wonder if my grandfather ever lived there? Probably not, but he certainly taught at St. Johns for at least four years during the early part of his marriage.

My father at 10, 11 and 14 months. The lower right picture is one of the most handsome pictures of my grandfather I have ever seen. I know he loved to swim in the ocean.

In the methodical organized way one might expect of a college professor, my grandfather captured the milestones of his first-born son. My father was born in Bethesda, Maryland on May 30, 1932. His father was a professor at St. John’s College in Annapolis Maryland so I’m guessing that Kitty was living with her parents when it came time to deliver. Her parents, Herbert and Elizabeth Bryant,were long time residents of the District of Columbia – 435 Rittenhouse Street, NW.

My father spent his early years in Washington DC. The family moved to Bloomington Indiana in the late 1940s when my grandfather accepted a position on the faculty at Indiana University. My father was active in Boy Scouts and enjoyed photography and spelunking.

I attribute much of my l0ve of nature to my father’s influence. We spent many weekends camping and fishing. He taught me about birds and plants but more than anything specific it was just an appreciation for spending time outdoors. In his later years my father lived close to the coast  – first on the Northern Neck of VA and then on the Currituck Sound in North Carolina. He was always happy near the coast and I know he loved his time in the Navy, especially when he sailed from Bremerton, Washington to Mayport, Florida on the Franklin Delano Roosevelt aircraft carrier. It was too large to fit through the Panama Canal, which is why it sailed around Cape Horn.


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