Summer Family Fun Begins

It’s not even summer (sure feels like it though!) and my genealogy adventures have begun. Yesterday I visited a suburb of Charlotte, NC to meet two of my second cousins – Marcia Moore and her brother Gene Moore. They were in town from California because Gene’s grandson is graduating from high school Tuesday night.

Here’s a picture of three generations of the Kingsbury family – Marcia and I are the bookends for Dylan Vassily and his mother, Carolyn Moore Vassily. Moore is the married name of Marcia and Gene’s mother, Josephine Kingsbury Moore, the first child born to Frank and Anna Kingsbury.Kingsburys.3 generations.6.12.16 Here’s a link if you want to read more about our visit and see some of the family photos Marcia brought to share with me. Yes – it’s a bit uncanny that Marcia and I are wearing tops of the same color. I am so glad I finally got to meet her. I can’t wait to collaborate on family stories with her.

If there’s anyone out there wondering if it is worth it to create a family history blog – I can assure you – the answer is YES!!! Marcia contacted me because she discovered my blog “The Family Letter Blog” when she was searching for information on the Kingsbury family.  Be sure to include categories and tags and you might be surprised what you’ll discover.




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