Day Eight – NaPoWriMo 2017 – A Poem Using Repetition

Here I am on Day Eleven posting my poem from Day Eight. But considering that I was not inspired by the prompt that encouraged us to use repetition (think – Edgar Allen Poe -The Raven or The Bells) in a poem, I had decided I would just skip the prompt for Day Eight. But as it rattled around in my brain for a few days, this poem decided it wasn’t going to let me skip a day. I’m happy to have written a poem that uses repetition.

The prompts are always optional and I suppose there could be a day I just wake up with a poem ready to issue forth that needs no prompting. But the reason I like this exercise so much (aside from learning a lot about poetry) is that the prompts help me explore my creativity, but with structure. Structure is important to people like me who grew up believing (and perhaps being told) they weren’t creative. I like being challenged to use a particular technique. Thank you very much Maureen Thorson for creating this forum.

I’ve always liked Edgar Guest’s poems. He was born in England in 1881 but his family moved to the United States when he was a boy. He became known as the “People’s Poet.” He wrote a lot of poetry in the first half of the 20th century – the kind of poems that gave people hope and usually contained an uplifting message about life. The meter was usually very sing-song-y but I almost always feel good about life when I finish reading one of his poems. He’s definitely not for those who think poetry should be filled with angst and misery – but I’ve always liked him. So here’s a nod to Edgar Guest in my repetition poem, The Garden of Life.

Tend to the weeds in your garden of life
Don’t let them choke out the flowers.
Sow good seeds in your garden of life
To brighten both sunshine and showers. 

Till the earth in your garden of life
So your roots can grow deep and strong.
Nurture the crops in your garden of life
And harvest them all with a song.

Prune dead limbs in your garden of life
So the storms that destroy will be few.
Lovingly tend to your garden of life
To grow only what’s good, kind and true.

There will be rocks in your garden of life
Don’t let them stand in your way.
The harvest that comes from your garden of life
Might help show another his way. 

If you till, tend and sow in your garden of life
You’ll find that as sundown draws near.
The bounty that grew in your garden of life
Will comfort the ones you hold dear.
© Kalen Kingsbury 2017


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