Time to Shift Gears to Genealogy

April was fun but – hey it’s May! Thus ends my focus on poetry and a transition to a very busy month of genealogy research.
I was thrilled to find out about a year ago that the National Genealogical Conference was going to be in Raleigh in May 2017.

From the count down on their web page, you can see that the fun begins in less than a week! (Assuming you can read the numbers in those tiny blue rectangles at the top of the image above.) My first NGS national conference seems so long ago and my attendance was combined with a visit to my home town of Richmond, VA to spend time with my mother so my attention was divided. You can read about it here.

I remember being completely overwhelmed by the number of course options and being exhausted at the end of each day. Sensory overload – knowledge overload; it was almost too much. I was just getting started in genealogy back then, so I think I will have a much better handle on which courses to take and what I want to get out of the conference. I am super excited!

But even before next week’s immersion into the NGS national conference (I’ll be staying in Raleigh for Wednesday and Thursday nights and will have nothing to distract me from complete genealogy immersion!) I have a road trip to Richmond, VA (to visit my mother) this Friday. And there is always a county courthouse or cemetery somewhere along the way between my home in Greensboro NC and home town of Richmond, VA, that I’ve yet to explore.

This Friday’s target is the courthouse in Charlotte County, VA just over the NC border on Highway 15. It is likely to be the place where my “probable but yet to be confirmed” Revolutionary War ancestor William John Hubbard, married Nancy Jones on either September 1st or 9th, 1783. There’s no doubt that a William Hubbard, born in Goochland VA fought in the Revolutionary War and was shot in the leg in the Battle of Germantown. I’ve seen his pension files as well as those of his widow Letitia Hubbard (nee Letitia Frances) and several applications to the Sons of the Revolution that document his war time service.

The question yet to be confirmed (by me anyway) is whether that William Hubbard (also known as “Peg Leg Billy” after his leg was amputated a few years after the war because it just wouldn’t heal) was the father of Henry Hubbard, born in Halifax County, VA in about 1799. My connections to Henry Hubbard are pretty solid so I just need to make sure I’m connecting the right dots to get back to Peg Leg Billy.

Because really – who doesn’t want to have an ancestor named Peg Leg Billy, who fought under Patrick Henry (my favorite Patriot!) and Nathaneal Greene (my next favorite Patriot because he forced that pesky Lord Cornwallis out of the Carolinas!) It is easy to make the connection between any number of trees on Ancestry.com but if you look at them closely things don’t line up properly. And if you look very closely, you’ll find even more things you hadn’t thought were issues that you might need to resolve. And that’s why I love genealogy – it’s a never ending challenge.

For instance – compiled marriage indices for Virginia marriages are the source for a marriage between Nancy Jones and William Hubbard and that relationship is documented as fact on several records on Ancestry.com. But when I looked more closely at the index – it seems that the man Nancy Jones married in Charlotte County in September of 1783 was NOT William Hubbard but Hubbard or Hubard (first name) Williams (last name)! And sure enough – there is another Revolutionary War Patriot named Hubbard Williams who enlisted in VA and is buried in Kentucky. So now I’m wondering if William Hubbard’s wife was Nancy or another woman, perhaps Elizabeth Guthrey.

Obviously Hubbard Williams isn’t the father of Henry Hubbard, but the real question for me is to find out the name of William Hubbard’s wife (or wives) the dates of their marriage and whether or not they had a son named Henry who I know to be my great great grandfather. Lots of dots to connect – lots and lots of dots!

Charlotte County VA – here I come. But please make it easy because I will only have an hour or two for this research on my way to Richmond on Friday morning!


1 thought on “Time to Shift Gears to Genealogy

  1. Good luck! I’ve left genealogy to others in my family, so reading what you do makes me appreciate them.


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