Day One is Done! – National Genealogical Society 2017 – Raleigh North Carolina

It’s 11:00 pm and I’m ready to get a good night’s sleep. Today’s sessions were great (with one exception) and it’s even better than what I remember from three years ago when I attended my first NGS Conference in Richmond VA.

So here are some things I learned today:

  1. I saw a map of Iowa from the year 1846, which was about the time my Kingsbury ancestors from New England settled out there, and gained a new appreciation of their pioneering spirit. Although they eventually settled in Osage, the first county they lived in was Fayette County. On the 1846 map of Iowa – Fayette County was surrounded on three sides by “Indian territory.”
  2. In many states in the 1800s, when a couple divorced, the “guilty” party, was not free to remarry – only the spouse who filed for the divorce and got a favorable court ruling could remarry.
  3. Typewriters were not commercially available until the 1860s.
  4. There is a free software program entitled “” that lets you type in a metes and bounds legal description from an old deed and it generates an image that shows the shape of the property, based on the metes and bounds legal description.
  5. There are so many more records in courthouses than the ones I’ve been using. Now I’m even more excited about my next trip to a county courthouse.

So here’s the schedule of what I’ll be learning about tomorrow (all sessions are one hour long):

8:00 am – Proving Identity and Kinship Using the GPS: Finding a Freedman’s Family (Nancy Peters)
9:30 am – Info Overload? Effective Project Management, Research, Data Management & Analysis (Elizabeth Shown Mills- a truly famous genealogist who wrote the book on how to evaluate genealogical sources!)
11:00 am – Solving Complex Problems with Tax Lists (Gail Jackson Miller) It turns out that tax lists in Virginia (one of my favorite states for courthouse research) are some of the most complete in the country and they can help solve complex research problems.
12:30 pm – In the exhibit hall at the booth – back to back short sessions on Navigating through DNA Results and Finding Success in DNA Circles

ONE HOUR FREE FOR LUNCH (already got it packed and ready to go!)

2:30 pm – DNA and the Hidden Half of the Family (Judy Russell, JD – The Legal Genealogist – my genie hero – I want to be her when I grow up! I learn so much from reading her blog. She is a former law professor and prolific blogger!)

4:00 pm – Beyond the Facts: Digital Ways to Preserve Your Research Process (D. Joshua Taylor – my genie crush – co-host of Genealogy Road Show) OR Social Media for Genealogists with Mary Tedesco (also co-host of Genealogy Road Show and she is a great presenter!)

5:15 pm – NGS President’s Panel Discussion about the role of African American Genealogists and NGS in developing, articulating, and realizing a collective vision for a more inclusive, cohesive American genealogy community.

6:00 – 9:00 – North Carolina Museum of History is open just for genies and there will be genealogy and historical societies from NC and neighboring states talking about the benefits of membership and what resources they have available.

WOW – I’m getting tired just looking at what tomorrow has in store. Think I’d better get some sleep now.






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2 thoughts on “Day One is Done! – National Genealogical Society 2017 – Raleigh North Carolina

  1. That’s exciting that you are learning so much. It must be very special to be among like-minded people.

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