Willie Nelson’s New Album

One of my “extravagances” is my SiriusXM radio subscription. I got a three month freebie when we bought our new car in November 2017 and I’m hooked. I love the variety of stations and I’ve barely explored all the options and ways of listening. I could easily go without television but I do enjoy music – the more variety the better.

Tonight as I did a long overdue cleanup of my side of the bedroom (ahem, did I ever mention that although I prefer order I can be a bit messy?) I tuned in to a special “Live” preview of Willie Nelson’s new album – “Ride Me Back Home” on his SiriusXM station hosted by his daughter Paula Nelson.

I’ve always liked Willie Nelson and I’m amazed at his continued success and drive. He turned 86 in April (he was born the same year as my mother) and just won a Grammy for an album he released last year which was a collection of Frank Sinatra’s songs (also one of my favorite genres available on SiriusXM).

The new album is more of a return to Willie’s country roots but one of my favorites was the song entitled “Immigrant Eyes.” It ties in nicely with my interest in genealogy and has a good message about the role of immigrants in our country.

If I ever get around to creating my long dreamed of slideshow of ancestors’ pictures set to a music I’ll be sure to include it.

You may have noticed my blogging over the past week has been on a wide range of topics with no apparent rhyme or reason. I’m just working on the habit of blogging every day.

And now I’m going to get back to my “tidying up!”

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