Napowrimo2018 – Day One

I wasn’t too excited about the prompt today – but I decided at the end of each day – however I’d done, I’d post what I have and move on.

Today’s prompt was to write a poem about a secret pleasure or secret shame. “It could be eating too many cookies, bad movies or the time you told your sister she could brush her teeth with soap.”

Often on Easter Sunday when we sing the traditional hymns and are reminded the brutal, painful death that Christ suffered for our salvation, I am overcome with a feeling of unworthiness.  How’s that for a secret shame? The shame of course, is in the feeling of unworthiness because that’s the whole point – because of His death we are worth so much more than we ever let ourselves believe. How can I ever be worthy of that sacrifice or deserving of that much love? How can I ever repay that amazing gift?

I’m sure there’s a poem hidden somewhere in that sentiment but for now I’ll go with this beginning of a poem about my secret pleasure/secret pain – definitely a work in progress.

Secret pleasure, secret shame,
Could it be they’re both the same?

Feeling guilty, keeping score
Wanting something, often more.

Loving too little, loving too much.
Knowing that loving isn’t enough.

. . .

Can’t wait to see the new prompt for Day Two of #Napowrimo2018!

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4 thoughts on “Napowrimo2018 – Day One

  1. Peter – Good to see your smiling face again. It is definitely just a start but I appreciate your kind words. As a family historian who gave me great encouragement when I began my autobiography, you’ll be happy to know that my husband and I are spending the day Thursday in the town where we met 37 years ago and are planning to create a video of some of the places we each lived, and things we did all those many years ago. The one thing most genealogists forget is to write their own stories – so we shall try.


  2. Lovely poem and a beautiful post!


    1. Thanks Anne – nice to hear from you.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your poem is off to a good start, Kalen! I really like your thoughtful words on what Christ has done for us. Belated Happy Easter!


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